You play as Dark God who was imprisoned inside the statue.

Your Dark Power has accumulated over the years so has your hatred. And now it's time to send your minions to nearby cities and kneel everyone to your dark power. This world shall fall before you. All you have to do is free yourself from the statue...

You need to order your minions to capture cities. When your minion returns after the successful attack it will give you the Candles of Dark Power. After capturing as many as nine candles you will be liberated!

Controls: use your mouse!

Game by SoundSteppe and Feargin special for MiniJam 73: Power


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RNG beware, i lost allot of easy settlements, the game is pretty fun though, i am not sure if i counted more than 5 colors since some blended in, great work regardless, and i can see you put allot of work into it, keep it up. I could not quit for some reason though.